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Dont Crash Description

So here we go again with a new racing games Don’t crash. Well it sounds pretty simple and easy, however, it makes your heart flutter. It is rather addictive car game that makes you go over and over again. The gameplay is clear and ordinary but the concept focuses greatly on your race. So you have only one restriction: try not to crash your opponent. In fact, you do not have many cars to compete with only one. Both of you are put in a round race field and you should try to avoid it as long as possible. Cars are moving really fast so your response should be immediate. This crashing game has endless levels so you can continue the race till you are defeated. Every time you can set a new record as how many round you are able to progress. It’s an open secret that simple games are more addictive and motivate people easily so don’t crash is one of those racing games that is fun to play. Let’s see how far you can take it. Good luck on your way!