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Ditto Description

Ditto is a challenging action game designed thoroughly for any user. Ditto possesses incredible gameplay with distinctive settings. The concept of the game is not an ordinary one. Players need some strategy while playing. They control only one character officially but in fact, there are two heroes in the game. The two characters are closely connected with each other. This means they have similar features and behave in the same manner. When one of them moves to the right the other copes him and does the same. The same goes for other moves when the one jumps or stops moving the other duplicates. The point is that the characters are like twins. The principle one is white and the other is the dark copy of it. However, in case something happens to one of them game is over. The goal is to find the exit of the world and get out of it to move to the next level. Cope the all levels and find the ultimate gate to freedom.