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Dirt Road Drive Description

To be the first is always not easy, especially when driving on a dirt road, and on the tail loom rivals, ready to bypass you when your first mistake. Yes, and how not to be mistaken when the trees and rush under the wheels? Take part in the races, pump the car and win! Here is a simple scheme on the way to victory! This game is for real men! It is important here not only to pressure the gas but also to understand the device of the car. For each participant in the race you get a cash prize that you can spend on one of the three parts of the car: Engine increases power and maximum speed, the Gearbox due to the rapid switching speeds, allows faster speed, Tires improve handling. The main thing, remember, the closer you are to the first place, the more you win, which means that you will be able to fully pump your car. Uh! Fully pumped car! Now the rivals will be left behind! Now everyone will know who is the real king of dirt roads!