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Deep Sea Hunter Description

A cool flash game, during which you will hunt the rarest and dangerous deep-sea predators. It's very simple at the beginning of each stage your small submarine will be thrown into the water and you will begin your journey. Unfortunately, the submarine has a limited supply of gasoline, but an infinite number of torpedoes. Your task is to search and kill rare water predators. After seeing one of them, you should approach a distance from which you can shoot it with a torpedo (the distance is indicated by a circle). Fortunately, torpedoes are self-navigating but do not get too close to fish it can greatly damage your submarine. If you are not lucky in finding fish, you can search for treasure, which is abundant on the ocean floor. Especially for such cases, you can buy yourself a powerful magnet that can attract gold from a distance, and a modern metal detector that is able to detect treasures in the soil. In the trophy hall, you can see all the predators that you managed to kill. Also in the game, there are 14 achievements, deserving of which, you will prove that you are a real hunter for deep-sea monsters!