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Decision 2 Description

Decisions 2 is a fantastic horror game full of tramandous number of scaring zombies. The creatures are wandering around the city in this zombie game destroying everything human around them. The players take the role of a human being that wanders in the town attempting to kill the enemy. They are equipped with a weapon as they walk through the ruined buildings approaching the enemy who is determined to bring to halt the human race. Players control the character by the arrows and use the mouse to target the opponent. You should follow the red sign on the screen and continue completing the missions in each level. Collect all the coins for the accomplished tasks and use them in the shop to purchase new weapons, improve the existing ones, add the speed while running, expand the level of angriness and shield to protect the character from the attacks of rivals. In each level the number of the opponents goes up rapidly and their aggression rises so the tension becomes greater. Enjoy the magnificent zombie game in a crazy struggle with the dead.