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Death Vs Monstars 2 Description

2nd part of the flash game "Death vs Monstars" is in the genre of an arcade, in which the player will take control over the death itself and oppose his dexterity and the possibilities of an entire army of monsters of invaders. Death here looks very peculiar and cute, in the form of a small shard, so the game is suitable for both children and adults. When recruiting a certain number of coins, death can be dressed up: put on a cylinder or helmet, which in addition to a funny appearance will also provide additional opportunities. Looks Death vs Monstars 2 colorfully and attractively, minimalism gives the game more clarity, and this is a plus, because the gameplay is very dynamic and a lot of different elements would only distract the players. The musical accompaniment does not distract the player, but on the contrary, allows you to concentrate on what is happening on the screen. The gameplay consists of shooting at enemies and evading them or their shots (floating bombs). After each level, the player can purchase new weapons (7 variants), appearance (5 variants), as well as pump out features and features of Death, including health, armor, time slackening, electric shock, and also deadly rays. Each weapon has its pros and cons, you can choose to depend on how big the explosions you like. Have time to shy away! Play the first version of the game Death against monsters!