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Death Vs Monstars Description

The 1st part of the game, made in an arcade style from the company GameReclaim. The player plays for Death, which is opposed to thousands of monsters. This is the plot of the game. It is noteworthy that the sound effects in the game can be turned off, which will enable to enjoy silence or turn on your favorite tracklist in the player. Looks like Death VS Monstars is very colorful and attractive. The dynamics of the project is also at a high level. The levels are diverse, the enemies too. The player needs to either kill a certain number of monsters or hold out for a certain amount of time. After each round (regardless of the victory or defeat), the player can get back to the main menu, where you can use earned points to upgrade the weapon, upgrade the vital forces, the speed of recovery, as well as the time and power of the "berserk" mode. In total, the game has 11 separate levels, which contain a variety of tasks, and also differ in the degree of complexity. Recommended for everyone who loves arcade games. You can play Death against monsters at any time online and without downloading, the second version of the game is here.