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Daily Binario Description

Well it is time to train your mind with Daily Binario logic game. It is a great game for all the lovers of skill training mind games. Here you need extremely huge focus and a lot of efforts. The game provides several modes with various sizes from 6&6 to 12&12. Choose any and start thinking. The game has a very simple rule as to put one or zero in the free places of the schedule. However, they should be put in specific ways. There are several instructions to follow. The numbers should be set so that there will be no matches more than two next to or below each other. The number of ones and zeros should be equal both horizontally and vertically. Every column has a unique order of numbers and they will not be repeated. Let your mind work and chose the order precisely, though you can change it when you feel it is wrong. You can even ask the instructor whether there are mistakes or not and it will give the amount of wrong combinations. Try to manage the logic game quickly to set high score as you time running along the game. Have some fun.