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Cubito Mayhem Description

Cubito mayhem is a lovable shooting game with incredible graphics that are very simple and accurately designed at the same time. Players will definitely enjoy funny gameplay. The dot I moving in a limited area with help of arrows where it should fight attacking enemy. The weapon is fire that is provided in two different modes that is auto play or on will when the user decides himself when to shoot fireballs. So you just choose the correct direction and target the enemies that are shooting at you. Players have a health bar that can increase easily when players are shot by the opponent. When it reaches the zero point the game fails. Each killed enemy adds points. They are attacking randomly all the time so do your best to survive as long as you can. It is an arcade shooting game that provides the chance to set a new high score and top the rank list. Use you quick response and skills and destroy all of them in the field. Here we go. Good luck in a funny action game.