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Crazy Freekick Description

It is time for some intense soccer game with Crazy Freekick. Player have some free penalty kicks a so they should show off all their skills and capabilities. Pick one of your favorite national teams from the offered ones and make your fans proud. It is just one versus one as the player and goal keeper. You should score a great number of scores to pass on to next level. But everything is not that simple as one of the essential skills you need is quickness. The bars that decide the target and the height of the kick are moving really fast. You should manage to stop it on the correct moment otherwise either the ball will be out or the goalkeeper will be able to catch it. As you go further mission I becoming complicated as now other players are on your way preventing the goal. Focus on the bars and on the ball and do your best. The points you will get for each goal are reducing every second so harry up to obtain higher score, though with each try they starts again. You have only four try use them effectively.