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Contra Flash Description

Before you, a game called Contra. No, dear players who started playing in the late 90s, it's not what you're thinking now: not Contra, but Kontra. There are only two special forces here, the enemies are much smarter than in your Contra, and the schedule can scare you off. Well, if so, then go back to your multiplayer battles, and we are in the company of true connoisseurs while we go to the South Seas Yes, exactly there, to the end of the world, because exactly there, in 2631 from the Nativity of Christ, on the island called Galaga, near New Zealand, the terrorists from Red Sokol, bribed by aliens Decided to prepare Mother -The land to invade them. And then how is it, already 2631, and no green and gray men and other such creatures and not boring But it's a mess, right? We can not just let this kind of finale happen. Therefore, an abstract government that thinks (always), just like you and I, sends to this heated to the extreme point of land the two best special agents, for one of which you will play. Remember their names Bill Rizer and Lance Bean. The last great heroes of the games of the 80s Why such a preface? Yes to the fact that Contra this is clearly not the kind of game about which it is worth writing an expanded essay on a given topic, putting words into pathos with obligatory lofty epithets. Is the hit, released on all the major platforms of its time, which was once played by almost the entire playing planet, needs some description or even more praise Well, well, only very briefly and for those who were discussed in the first paragraph: the side view, the graphics are old, we run forward to pass the level because then there will be another level; Shoot, kill enemies and do everything possible and impossible that we are not killed; There is the possibility of improving weapons and the opportunity (if you like, you can even call it right) meeting with the bosses (also with the goal of killing the latter). That's all. Because it is Contra, not to know about which it's embarrassing to describe it makes no sense. We just play and rejoice, very, very much rejoice at the fact that we can finally play it again on your ("this time it is your" (s)) ultra-modern silicon form of life.