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Colorpop Description

Colorpop is another fascinating game from match3 series where you must blow up gemstones. Here you have a field with cells, and many colorful cube bricks, you must connect to each other three or more same colored bricks. And just blow them up to get points, the bar below filling every 5 seconds and moving up. If you want to move it up earlier, just click on it. But when even on brick gets to the top of the field, then, GAME OVER. You have limited time (1 minute). Try to earn as many points and stars as you can. Also, there are bonus bricks which may help you. arrow icons blowing up rows or columns near his sides. Bomb icon blowing up all same-colored bricks, briefcase icon increases your points, clock icon increases your time. The game has only one level, so the main goal is to beat your own high score.