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Color Shape Description

The ball is moving through the colorful circles. Color Shape is an awesome game with glorious gameplay and thought-provoking concept. So you direct the ball along the way that should cross the circles on the correct place. The circle are multicolored and they are moving all the time so you should pick the correct time to pass them. The color of the ball and the color of the circle should be the same otherwise the game is failed. There are colorful balls on the way that will constantly change the color of your ball. So be careful and follow the changes. Collect the start in the middle of circles. They will decide the entire points on your account. It is an arcade game so you need to set a new score. Can you lead the top lead board and set the highest score. Accept the challenge and try your skills in the super addictive game. How far will you manage to reach? Enjoy the game and good luck on your attempts.