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Color Pin Description

Color Pin is an awesome arcade game with magnificent gameplay and unique design. The concept is fresh and entertaining. It requires maximal concentration and quickness. The ball is moving round all the time and you are given certain number of pins that should be put on the ball. Time is vital in the game as it will move really fast so make sure the pins get the correct place and are not very close to each other. The levels are numerous and they get intricate gradually. The number of the pins increases so set them wisely so that you will not run out of place. The moving ball may have several colors and players should correspond the pins to them otherwise when they fail the game is over. Think carefully before you shoot the pins and focus on the target and its color. The arcade game has over one hundred and twenty-five levels. So you are going to have a hard time playing. Let’s check your skills and see how good you are. Have some fun.