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Civilizations Wars Master Edition Description

Civilizations Wars Master Edition is a cool strategy game with amazing gameplay. You lead the war so as a good leader what you need is a thoroughly planned strategy to win. The soldiers can be moved across the field as you wish. The opponents will not stand still and wait till you attack so think ahead and guess his future moves. Use fire or ice to destroy his campaigns otherwise he will do the same. Separate your forces wisely so that the damage will not be great. You can select out of four locations to fight on the islands or on the icy world. After you can choose a type of the soldier you will lead depending on the abilities toy prefer. Think carefully and act fast to surpass the enemy and destroy his army before it defeats yours. Conquer a building in every levels and fight the perilous monsters. Your soldiers can help you to come to a victory. Become a perfect leader for them and protect them. Enjoy the game and clear your way to the final.