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City Dunk Description

For all the lovers of basketball and not only City Dunk represents a new challenge. Some magic happened and the ball acquired wings to fly. So you control the movement of the ball and set new scores. There are limitless circles on the way and you should make the ball jump into all of them. Tap the screen all the time so that the ball will not appear on the ground otherwise the game is failed. There is another essential rule to preserve that is make sure the ball passes through all the circles or else when you miss even one of them game is over. It is an arcade flying game where you can enjoy the relaxing settings and addictive gameplay as much as you like. The further you go the harder it becomes. However, do not give up and follow the ball taping to it. Keep moving and let’s see how far you will make it. The scores directly depend on the amount of circles. Can you set the highest score and top the rank worldwide? Have some fun and relax while playing City Dunk.