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Chow Chow Spa Salon Description

If you do not have a pet or this pet is not what you want, then we will offer you an alternative option a chow-chow dog. Everyone knows what kind of cute these dogs are in life, what a long and thick coat they have, what kind of darlings and paws they are. However, in order for them to look like this, they need care and attention. It is this kind of care that we suggest that you show in this game. At your disposal will be the chow-chow in not very good shape. The wool is crumpled, the dog is not well-groomed. You need to remove all Kolton, comb, clean, wash the dog. And you yourself will notice how to transform the chow-chow, how it will look at all, delight you with your radiant smile of a dog and wag your tail! The game can easily be counted as playing games or games Tamagotchi because it needs to take care of our younger brothers. Control in the game chow-chow spa-salon: with the help of the mouse