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Car Parking Description

Driving a car is not yet the most inricate thing ever done. Probably it is harder when it comes to car parking. Here you need high-leveled skills and calculations. There are so many ything to consider whlie parking as not hitting other trucks or fitting the place correctly with the acces to get out when needed. Well in this new car game you can try your capabilities at the same time solving the puzzle. Players control the car andwith the help of it they should move the bloks on the field and set them on the right place that are marked with P sign. They are able to put one at once. The blocks are like obstacles and you cannot jump over them or go through. Make a strategy and move them so that you will not get stuck. When the car appears on its correct location it cannot change it anymore so think twice before acting. Try to use less steps to obtain more points. Levels get more complicated as you progress so you will definitely develop new skills. Have a lot of fun with car puzzle game.