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Capture the slime is an adventurous kids game where you can have fun with friends not real ones but anyway! It is a fun game that has one major point to find slimes as many as possible and collect the. In fact, you have to choose a team from the given ones. Usually they consist of two or three members. You compete with the opponent team and try to get the trophy. So the teams search for slimes and when they find them pick slimes and bring back to the team. Opponents will try to distract you and your friends that are controlled by computer so you have to be careful. You can shoot them with a special weapon when they are on your way and after damaging them several times they disappear. The more slimes you collect the more points you obtain. However, you should hurry as time is playing against you. There is a certain limit and the mission should be completed before it runs out. Spongebob games are rather colorful and addictive ones that are good way of passing time.