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Call of Spring Description

The plot is about some crazy spring squirrel at times. Like an ugly woman, she rushes through the branches in the forest, dodges enemies, collects nuts. The plot of the game is simple, the enemies attack, the squirrel escapes and shoot back. The arsenal of her weapons is amazing. These are cartridges and bombs and some kind of lightning, in general, everything that is not peculiar to proteins. As a result, the plot turned out to be dynamic and exciting. Those who love faster and faster, he will like it. In fact, the game is somewhat similar to the games from the Dandy. In this, too, there is some kind of "zest". In general, the game will find its fans, in this we are sure. And you for your part can try, maybe this is just your game. Management in the game call of spring: to control the direction of shooting weapons can cursor the mouse. The protein itself is moved using the cursor keys.