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Butterfly Kyodai Description

There are many different wings on the playing field. They once belonged to butterflies, and in your power to bring these insects back to life. For such a "magic" it is enough to put together a pair of identical wings. Here you must follow certain rules. The connecting wings must be either in close proximity to each other along a horizontal or vertical line, or there must be a free space between them, through which a line with no more than two right angles can be drawn. Perhaps, at first, such a principle seems to you too wise, but you just start looking for the wings next to them and click on them one after another. When the playing field is a little empty, point to the same wings, located at a distance from each other. Those of them that are able to make a pair, will turn into a moth, which will fly off the screen. So you get practical experience of the game, and Mahjong Butterflies will not cause you difficulty on new levels. If the situation becomes too confusing, use game prompts the program will highlight the pair wings several times per round. Time to devastate the entire field is limited.