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Burnin Rubber Description

Burnin Rubber is a fantastic racing game that combines both action and competition on the most perilous roads on can ever find. It is not an ordinary race game like other. Here is what makes it more entertaining and addictive. Apart from competitions with numerous cars and tracks who try to block the way and not let you pass so easily, the car possesses special weapons. The best luck is with you. If something gets on your way you can simply get rid of it immediately by utilizing the weapons. Shoot targeting the tracks and obtain points for that. Collect as many scores as you can to purchase new weapons and cars on the shop which are more powerful and faster. In Burnin Rubber you have great opportunities to improve as the longer the distance the higher the score. To set new records and be the first in the rank. The race is going to be crazy so get ready for the adrenaline. Enjoy the game with most attractive graphics and settings.