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Bunny Bloony 2 Description

Shattering balloons. What could be more beautiful? And the truth for the addiction with similar pieces is put aside all other things, time will not be spent free of charge. You have fun at the glory. And what else can rabbits do? They wear t-shirts, resembling ordinary people. Who would have thought that these delightful creatures so swollen balls? In order to have a good time, and show each spectator their abilities, violent rabbits started an unprecedented match. They built a platform with two pumps. At the ends of any of their pipes, the hapless ball is tied firmly. This weak-willed victim must be destroyed by you before the opponent can with the same task. Furious rabbits are different in color, and you have a chance to prefer one of the four characters to your taste. In addition to the shade of the fabric, animals will not differ in anything. Each process of competition is a non-stop pressing of one exclusive key. Whoever will click on it more intensively, whoever calls out more than once, will then have to be congratulated with an ovation. The balls are bursting with a loud pop. The victorious beasts rejoice, and the losers do not have anything, other than how sad to hang their ears.