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Many people already know the popular classic arcade game Bubble Trouble. Now we present a new version of it with the possibility of playing for two! Whether you will fight alone or with a partner, in any case, you have a fun pastime! At each stage, you need to destroy the jumping ball. To do this is not so easy, because it is able to fork and create 2 smaller balls, and those, in turn, have the same property. From level to level, the ball becomes bigger and it disintegrates more and more times. The task is also hampered by the fact that the player can not be confronted with flying objects. More precisely, it is possible to limit the number of times, since there are only a few lives per hero. The number of remaining attempts is at the bottom of the screen, they are indicated by lights. Nearby are the scorers and the current level number. To control, the first player uses the X, C keys to move and W for the shot and the second uses the left and right arrow keys and a space bar.