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Bubble Shooter Description

Bubble shooter is one of the first flash games, very exciting and won incredible popularity. A cult flash game, the story of which began with a kerchief and a sapper, still retains its popularity and the first places on the gaming portals. The toy itself is quite simple, like all games in the genre three in a row. Aim, looking at the arrow, and launch a multi-colored circle that bounces off the walls and can slip adjacent bubbles if enough space remains. Hit the colorful ball into bubbles of the same type, to get a group of identical shapes that burst with cotton. The more of them in the group, the more points will be added for clearing the playing field. From below, the number of empty cells shows how many shots remain before the rows are lowered. If you often miss, then the layers of balls fall lower, and when they reach the bottom, the game is over. And your goal is to set a record until it happened. Despite such an unpretentious plot, bubbles magically attract to themselves and boys and girls, and office players, and even grandparents. And, although there were more colorful, diverse and complex mini-games with balls, the bubble shooter still remains the king among them.