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Welcome to one of the most favorite fight games. is a special opportunity for both girls and boys have fun. You should use all your skills and capabilities and win the opponents. Before you start your real battle you can train and become stronger. Try to learn different mechanisms and develop your skills to make use of them in the future. These lessons are critical for overcoming upcoming obstacles and developing the ability to stand still on the ground. After you finish your practice you can join the other group on the perilous streets in California. Bands wander in streets and fight with each other on mixed groups as they include girls as well. Watch out and not get knocked out as in that case the is over for you. Try to beat a lot of people and acquire great amount of points to improve the chosen hero and its power as it is your devoted friend in these streets. Be brave and attack opponents with all your strength and do not forget to protect yourself and block when they hit you. Good luck in your battles.