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Boruto Puzzle Description

Get involved in the outstanding Boruto puzzle game. Do like to think hard and want to check your mind power? If yes than it is a perfect game for you. It offers three different levels hard, amateur and hard. Players can select each of them and solve the given various puzzles. So after choosing one of the levels players are given a picture of one of the heroes from Boruto. They have time to examine the photo and remember precisely every detail on it. Depending on the level of the game the number of the puzzle photo differs. Start from the easy ones and gradually move to the advanced ones. Each level has a definite amount of time so players should manage to finish it before they run out of time. However, time is not the only restriction as the number of moves is also counted. Think carefully before moving the pieces on the screen. Do your best and hurry up as there is no much time. Enjoy the fantastic Boruto puzzle and train your memory.