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Bomby Description

Bomby is an extremely addictive arcade game with outstanding gameplay. Users control a funny yellow character that moves on the map of the screen. Apart from the main emoji in the area there are numerous other characters that are trying to hurt you. So they are standing on your way. Make them vanish and clear up the area. You can absorb the rivals and get larger in size and as you progress it becomes easier to destroy them. They are moving at different speeds and you can control your own speed by the mouse click. Besides eating the opponents, you can leave bombs at any place and they will explode after some time destroying anything around. After putting the bombs move rapidly aside so that you will not get hurt. However, you are not the only one with bombs as there are a lot of mines in the arena so watch out not to get hurt. If you get too close to them they start following you and explode damaging the emoji. Make some efforts to avoid them and conquer the location in Bomby.