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Boat Battles Description

Boat Battles is a magnificent arcade game with addictive gameplay and appealing graphics. Here you need a detailed planned strategy to win over the opponent. Get ready your gun and target the enemy ship. Destroy their armada and succeed the game. First think of a plan and hide your ships wisely so that it will be hard to discover and sink the ships. After, you should act smartly. You have only have only five chances to shoot before the enemy will start. So every turn consists of five moves. Try to get the necessary ones and put the ships on fire. The one, who discovers all the ships first wins. Sounds very simple, right? However, think carefully before performing the moves as there is no way back. It is a strategy game that requires a hard work of brain. Make sure you shoot in the correct direction, otherwise it is a chance for the other side. Good luck on your battle of the boats.