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BMX Park Description

"Bmx park" game at the moment is one of the most successful. Flash game is suitable for those who like to do tricks online, and not on the court in reality. It is easy to manage. To make chips in the BMX park (for example, jumping to BMX) you need to do some basic actions. The main buttons for tricks are "A", "S", "D" and "F". All of them are responsible for certain elements, such as Telicvip and others. But the game is not limited to this. You can do all kinds of slips, just jump right on the railing. The game about BMX in the park can hold you at the computer for a long time, be careful. As for the "freaks" in this game, you can do "tailwhip", "nothing", "superman", "backflip" and slides of all kinds. In the game, you can "cut" the days through the day, do not forget to press the "Space" key when you jump on the trampolines to jump higher. Well, Cool game, I advise everyone, just do not get carried away.