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Blockor Description

Blocker is a tetris like game with wonderful design and colorful graphics. Players start from an extremely little block and they should evolve it over time. They control the block moving it on the field using the mouse. You have a small map on the screen so that you can follow exactly at what part of the platform you are. The block should be united with numerous blocks situated in the area. There are various items of different shapes and sizes. You had better start with the small ones as long as you are not so big to absorb larger blocks. When the size of your block will be big enough you can crash into giant blocks and turn them into small pieces. Move along the field and enlarge your block as much as you can. There is no limit to so feel free to collect all the possible items. Let’s see will you be capable to set the highest score. Every attached block will give a point. Have a nice time on Blockor.