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Billiard Single Description

Billiard single player is a perfect game for all the billiard lovers. Well, it is time you get started the magnificent billiard game with beautifully designed gameplay. You are the only play and the world is watching you so make your best efforts to evolve a real show. There are fifteen balls on the table waiting for you. You should set the best result by putting all of them in the right place. You are going to hold an incredible performance with awesome results. This will surely attract a lot of fans so have fun while playing billiard game. What you have to is select the proper angle and afterwards choose the target ball, aim the cue with the help of mouse and hit in the direction. Get the chance to get all the balls, however, do not forget the time. You do not have much time to waste, though it is more than enough to make an excellent plan before you start. Watch out the time and enjoy the crazy game.