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Billiard Blitz Challenge Description

Enjoy sports not only in real life but also in online with Billiard Blitz Challenge. Let’s measure the power of your shot. how exact you can set the cues to hit the necessary balls? If you like Billiard than this sports game is right designed for you. Attractive style and colorful graphics off the game make players come and stay with it. Face the challenge and try your skills with billiard game. Let’s see whether you can players like professionals and get several balls at the same time. Players need various skill and abilities while playing this ball game as it requires focus and concertation, some patience and powerful shot. However, you cannot think too much as the time is not endless. The restricted time acquires quick responses and moves. The quantity should not be more important than quality. There are certain holes that are marked with the stars. When players manage to put the balls into these holes they get extra time to continue the game. Go through levels and try your best to set a new high score and have fun.