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Battle City Tank Description

Battle City was created by company Namco in Japan in 1985. This masterpiece is still considered by many gamers to be one of the best computer games that have ever been created. Here everything is simple and all ingenious: to destroy enemy tanks and save your headquarters (a closed area with an eagle in the bottom), from enemy shells while keeping your vehicle intact. Bonuses in the form of stars, increasing the speed of shooting and other valuable things are made to help you. Among other things, you can use the codes for this game to save time spent on passing. Classic graphics will please you. Battle City is created for the confident style of the introduction of tank battles. Online game has a unique dynamics, it all starts very quickly, the participants move quickly and become more cunning and trickier. You can open new roads and tunnels, just hide and enter the barricade style. To achieve the goal you need a quick reaction, strong logic and a successful attack. There are many levels. Also, you create your own. Pleasure yourself and your friends with creative levels created by you, pour yourself into the world of large-scale battles. Invite a friend to join you: playing together is also available and is much more interesting.