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Bad guys: Christmas dinner Description

The game "Bad guys: Christmas dinner" develops the mobility of the joints and clearly shows which player is no longer pouring. The plot of an uncomplicated flash game is built on the overseas tradition of eating the Christmas dinner until the last crumbs. For the sake of speed, the "Bad Guys" are sacrificed with accuracy and manners, absorb dishes with their hands and sometimes do not even chew. It is dangerous to repeat in real life, but it is worth at least once to fight live opponents in the game at speed. The game for two, as well as three and four characters, is delayed by dynamics. A simple graphic drawing is not so important when at stake is the honor of a fast food eater, capable of tapping on keys faster than friends. How to play: There is nothing easier than playing a Christmas dinner. Exercise your fingers by pressing the selected control keys to activate the character window and start eating quickly alternately press on the selected control buttons so that the character at the speed of light absorbs the contents of the dish. Whoever is the first to eat, will get the title of the winner.