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Back To School Search Description

The school year has started and all children are back at school to continue studying, learn a lot of new things get to know new stores, books and gain deep knowledge. Besides them, many characters of Nickelodeon join them in this school game to go deep in the world of science. The heroes include popular characters Elvin, Sponge bob and many others who are determined to refresh their education. Players should help them to find necessary items for the classes. Heroes search them at school in each classroom as you can see beneath the list of the object that you need to find. You need to rush to get over the task within a certain amount of time given to you for completing the mission. You get points for each found item and the quicker you do it the more points you gain. Kids game discovers your abilities to orientate fast and find what your heroes need. Let’s try your skills and go back to school with the heroes in this cool school game with some new opportunities to learn more from school.