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Baboo: Rainbow Puzzle Description

Baboo: Rainbow Puzzle represents a glorious animals game with a super addictive gameplay and lovely design. Puzzle games usually deal with a picture or similar kind of things but here players should create their own puzzle. So there are given three different types of animal heads. They can be of various number and shape so you cannot predict their size as they are given randomly. Players should manage to make a complete line horizontally or vertically and if they do the line is removed from the field. The color of animals does not matter, in fact, it is better when they are colorful so that you can create a fascinating rainbow. Try to complete more than one line at the same time and gain more points. So it is sounds simple but there is an obstacle as you do not have much time. You should think hard and fast otherwise the game is over when time runs out. Fill the field in smart way so that the space will not be overfilled and there is no other place to set new heads. Have fun with girls puzzle game.