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Awesome Run Description

Who said that playing sports is exhausting physical work. The main character of our new game Awesome run will turn your idea of this upside down. After all, he offers you a race. Here the main thing is to win. And to achieve the goal you can use even the most. It would seem that unacceptable thing. As the war says, all means are good. Good luck! How to play: The nature of the game is quite simple and understandable. The main personage of the game should be the ideal champion of the virtual race, and you will help him in this. To control you will only need a computer mouse. At the right time, she can help your hero out. On the way to the finish line pick up different items that will be useful in the process of the race. The game is funny and colorful. It will appeal to the player of any age and level. We wish good luck and fascinating pastime!