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Avatar - 4 Nations Tournament Description

Characters animated series "Avatar" teenagers, albeit with magical abilities. They can not always fight or be serious, they also want to rest just like you, right? Take part in their fun well, at least in magical football! Do not know how? It does not matter, Aang, Qatar, Zuko, and Toph will teach! Choose your favorite character (it depends on what forces you will manage in the game) and press "PLAY". The forces of the land of Tof will put stones in the way of the ball and help to move from place to place instantly, the forces of water and Qatar will throw waves of frost into the opponent and cover the gate with ice needles, the forces of fire and Zuko throw fire at the rival and reflect the balls with a fiery whirlwind, It's Avatar Aang) act like a tornado, and beat off the blows with an air shield. From time to time on the field in different places there is a cunning muzzle of Lemur Momo if you have time to run through it or get to the ball, you will receive a bonus: vital energy or game points. Every action, every use of magic takes power. They are restored: during the game slowly, when taking the bonus instantly, when moving from level to level also immediately and in full. The game is played up to five goals scored in one goal. If it's you, go further, if the enemy is everything, "game over". The game is very colorful, each of the characters corresponds to a cartoon character, special effects of good quality. Control the and keys, as well as the arrows. Throw ball a space. Try to protect your goal it does not matter whether you are playing with the Avatar, his friends or the enemy. The winner, who has a record number of points, will be able to leave his name on the lists of champions, you just need to register on the site. Invite your friends and compete with them and the Avatar Aang team!