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Do you like spomgebob and his endless adventures with friends. This kids game will serve to uncover how carefully you watch the cartoon. Are sure you are familiar with every crazy story. This is quiz game that consists a great amount of various questions about the movie. So let’s see how you will answer them. In fact, it is not going to be an easy task. The questions are complicate and rather confusing. Can you manage to overcome all of them and win the game. Get ready to think hard and try your intellectual abilities. Though sometimes players will have to make use of their logic as questions contain some logic based answer, however, mainly the question consist of background information in the movie. This is a fantastic opportunity to test whether you are a watchful viewer or not. Try to remember various events of spongebob’s life that always took place at the same place with already popular characters. Good luck on your exam and do not get too serous just have fun.