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Arcade Golf: NEON Description

Golf is a game of aristocrats, in which now there is an opportunity to play all comers. There is a large number of simulators of this kind of sport, but the game Arcade Golf: Neon is the simplest in this series. In the coolest golf simulators, the player is given the opportunity to choose a club, a ball, and a 3D view field and many other complicating factors. But all this is not about this game. Arcade Golf: Neon will allow you to just have a good time and practice a bit in agility and logic. All you need to do is to hammer a white ball into an improvised hole in the form of a pit. Send the ball into the pit with an as short amount of strokes as imaginable. Once you hit the target, then immediately loaded the next level, to which the pit is located in a less accessible place and getting into it becomes more difficult. To transfer the ball from the place, you need to left mouse click to pick the hitting angle And without releasing the key, pull the mouse to the side to set the impact force. If the ball does not reach the destination, then you can try to score again. But if the ball flies over the pit and flies out of the field, then you have to begin all over again. In this case, the impact count will not be reset. The game has four levels of difficulty: 25, 50, 100 pitches, and level where the ball needs to score in one stroke, Also, it has a Practice level. Playing Arcade Golf: Neon player will be one step closer to learning how to play real golf, as he can correctly calculate the ball's flight and feel more confident in the field among other players.