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ARBF Description

ARBF stands for the alternative reality boss fight. It is a glorious fight game with a lot of fun and opportunities. Players take the role of a hero that uses as an extraordinary weapon flamingo featherer or a salty flute launcher. He struggles with a villain that threatens destroying him. The task of the hero is to defeat the villain and another essential element is to set free all the chocolate helicopter blades present in the game. They fight with weapons attacking or blocking the opponents’ way. The enemy will hide somewhere in the area and can attack unexpectedly so try not to miss him out of the sight. Both of them are provided with a health bar that will decide how much time is left till one of them dies. Watch out and check it permanently and attack strategically so surprise the opponent. They van change the weapons by turns with the villain after the game is over. Test your planning abilities and rapid response. Try to finish the game quickly to set a high score. Good luck on your battle.