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Apple Worm Description

Apple Worm is an amazing puzzle game. It is rather simple but not so easy as it seems. It is a funny logic game that requires focus and skills of analytical thinking. The worm moves on the screen as players should find a path to the exit. Move extremely carefully as not to fall from the blocks. There are apples on the way so try to pick all of them before you reach the end. They give points and the apples can be uses as stepping blocks when there is no way out. The levels progress greatly and the concept becomes harder every team. Each level requires special skills to calculate moves correctly and collect all possible apples on the way. Players should get to the hole safe and sound. They can easily replay each level until they succeed. There are thirty levels on the game. Try to complete all of them perfectly. Use your experience and develop some abilities while playing animal logic game. Good luck on solving awesome puzzles.