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Agar Description

Agar is a fantastic strategy game with addictive settings and appealing gameplay. Players will have a rest and calm down while playing the game. They control a cell that moves on the screen to any direction you want it to. The goal is to absorb as many cells as possible. Remember that you cannot eat the ones which are larger than you so pick the smaller ones at the beginning. Do not hurry as their time will come too. With each bite your cell gets bigger and bigger. So you will have more opportunities step by step. Before that avoid the larger cells as when you crash into them the latter will eat you and the game is over. The score depends on how many cells you will eat. The time you spend on the field is also counted so you will know how much time you managed to survive. Move quickly and grow quickly to be able to become strong. Estimate your capacities in a new Agar game. Good luck.