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3d Extreme Rescue Description

Now you are a driver that works in a ambulance stuff. It is not an easy mission. You should be twice as alert in an Extreme Rescue race game. Do not have to compete with opponents but instead be on time. The sick need desperately your help as you should redeem them by providing on time treatment in a hospital you work. Although your time bleeds away very quickly and you should hurry up to complete the mission, you should be extremely careful on the roads. are in the car so they must remain undamaged while the race. Players can train with other drivers that help them acquire new skills and as they compete as friends players get used to such intense race. However, these training lessons occur only when ambulance drivers are free from passengers otherwise they have another goal to achieve. Become the quickest ambulance driver and at the same time the most careful one. Enjoy your work no matter how hard it will be. Have a good time in this extraordinary car game.