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3 Mice Description

Three amazing little mice are in this cute skill game. 3 Mice is something different from what you have seen all the time. It is a new challenge with a funny gameplay and attractive settings. So three mice move along the screen going deeper and deeper in the ground. They should not be separated so try to keep them together while directing their movement. When one of the fall the game is a failure. The further they make it the greater the points you obtain. So can move deeper endlessly. There may be platforms that are forbidden to land on so be careful and do not let the mice fall on them otherwise it is the end. Definitely these are the cutest mice you have ever seen. They are appealing to any taste. You will surely have a fun time with them. New high scores should be set so what are you waiting for? Take the chance and enjoy the game. You do not need special skills just keep them together and walk into the deep underground areas with them.